Who's in Charge?

Uncategorized Apr 16, 2021

8:00 am PST/11:00 am EST 

This Week's Resonant Reflection:

“Who’s in Charge?”

With Henry Lepler

“How can you tell the difference between when you’re in expanded soul consciousness and when you’re in a more-limited personality consciousness?” – Corinne McLaughlin


The first sign of the presence of the soul is feeling a sense of responsibility for yourself and others. A soul-infused person doesn’t play victim but works to change his or her consciousness to create better experiences and outcomes.


Your personality usually thinks of only itself and its own needs, rather than the needs of the other people; it looks out only for number one. When you are in soul-consciousness, you experience your greatest joy in serving others. Your soul, by nature, is group conscious and identifies with others. It is fundamentally concerned with what is the highest good for the whole, not just for yourself. In your deepest essence, you are one with the whole. The outstanding characteristics of your soul are the sense of responsibility, the urge to serve and a loving wisdom that includes everyone.


Your personality often feels separate, while your soul experiences a sense of connection with everyone and everything. Your personality is primarily a consumer, while your soul is a creator and generator of energy. Your personality acquires, while your soul shares and gives.


Your personality becomes obsessed with competing; your soul is more naturally cooperative. Your personality expresses self-will; your soul expresses a higher spiritual will. Your personality may be aimless and obsessed with its latest desires. Your soul has a clear sense of meaning and purpose.


Eventually, fuller soul contact and fusion are achieved, and the personality becomes the beautiful instrument of your soul’s purpose, love and creativity in the world. The duality of the soul and personality is transcended in a new unity.”


  •  Corinne McLaughlin

Inquiry:  How can you tell who’s in charge in your life - when you are in expanded soul consciousness or in more-limited personality consciousness?


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