Hoop of Many Hoops

Uncategorized Apr 08, 2021

Gather weekly with our Hoop of Many Hoops*, Tuesdays, at 11 am EDT, in the Connection Field, as we raise our hoops in harmony, weaving ancient wisdom, evolutionary consciousness and sacred ceremony. Together we choose to move from the sea of separation in co-creative resonance, courageously facing inner and outer adversity as we connect to the living wholeness of creation. Can we yield into the unforgivable place of hurt, and trauma? How can we disassemble our interferences, embrace our Soul expressions, while coming from a place of love, transparency and truth?


*Our Hoop of Elders: (Note: Our full Hoop of Elders may not be present every week)

Clan Mother Alda Glover, Grandmother Iya Tahirah, Grandmother Milani Rajendran, Grandmother Shelley Darling

Chief Daniel Ramos and Chief Raul Mijares: Spiritual Elders of the Choctaw Muskogee Yamasee Nation


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